Progressive California Approves A Wave Of New Liberal Laws

California Gov. Gavin Newsom spent the summer campaigning to keep his job and, with a landslide victory in hand, he's continued pushing progressive California further left.

In the four weeks after beating back a recall attempt, the Democrat signed laws that require gender-neutral displays of children's toys and toothbrushes in large department stores, made it illegal to remove a condom without consent during intercourse and cleared the way for a nation's first ban on the sale of new gas-powered leaf blowers and lawn mowers.

He also made it illegal to film someone near an abortion clinic for the purpose of intimidation, banned secret employment settlements involving harassment or discrimination and limited the use of rubber bullets by police during protests. He even prohibited restaurants from handing out ketchup packets and other disposable condiments unless customers ask for them.

California is among the deepest blue states in the country — Democrats control all statewide offices and have super majorities in the Legislature which nowadays often acts as a laboratory for liberal policies that would not get to a vote in many other states. The governor wields immense power over what becomes law because California lawmakers rarely override vetoes.

If this had been a normal non-election year, Newsom might have been more cautious heading into his 2022 re-election campaign. But in early September, just three days into the 30-day period the governor has to review legislation, Newsom convincingly beat back the Republican-led effort to oust him.

Just three days after that election, Newsom signed two laws aimed at limiting single-family zoning in California, a stark change for a state with many communities that define suburban sprawl but now faces an affordable housing shortage.

Progressive California approves a wave of new liberal laws

Source:The Star

Progressive California approves a wave of new liberal laws